AU Days of Service Impact at Laney Museum of Black History

AU Days of Service Impact at Laney Museum of Black History

Article by Tina Baggott, Volunteer Services and Community Engagement, Augusta University and AU Health System.  

Five volunteers completed the following work in the museum gardens: pulled all the weeds out of five garden plots; pruned plants for the season; planted new azaleas inside garden; planted fall mums in the ornamental garden and planted ornamental kale plants in main entrance to Administration Building.

The volunteers (Juan Walker, Brook McGuire, Karl Bauer, Kylie Bauer & Kyra Bauer) did an amazing job cleaning and pulling out the weeds in the Lucy Craft Laney Museum of Black History’s Seasonal Gardens and planting new flowers. The museum’s four-season garden features fruit and nut bearing trees, southern favorites (magnolias, dogwood, hydrangeas, camellias) and other herb plants that are reminders of the customs of the former residents of the neighborhood.

The gardens had been overtaken with weeds because the museum has been closed for major renovations since July 2021. The weeds were taking up too much space and decreasing the nutrients needed by other plants in the gardens. Dead Azaleas were replaced with new ones and beautiful mums were planted in the ornamental garden area.

Because of the work completed by these amazing volunteers, the museum gardens will be able to flourish with vibrant blooms each season. They also planted 4 ornamental kale plants in vases at the front of the Administration Building. Thank you so much.

The mission of the Lucy Craft Laney Museum of Black History is to preserve the legacy of educator Lucy Craft Laney through art, history and the preservation of her home. The volunteers contributed to this mission by helping to preserve the museum gardens, which are favorite areas for patrons to visit during museum tours.