Annual Historian Awards Program

Annual Historian Awards Program

The Annual Historian Awards Program was held on Thursday, February 20th at the Lucy Craft Laney Museum of Black History.

The Lucy Craft Laney Museum of Black History presented the 2020 Historian Award to  Ms. Lillian Wan of Augusta University and a Special Preservation Award presented to Historic Augusta.

Lillian is one of the most well respected researchers in the Augusta area. She has been an asset to the Laney Museum for many years and continues to provide the museum with resources that are used in the development of annual exhibits, lectures and publications.

Historic Augusta has been one of the greatest allies to the Laney Museum for decades. Many years ago Historic Augusta partnered with the Laney Museum to implement a program called This Place Matters. The purpose of the program was to highlight many of the important African American communities in Augusta, thus brining attention to the importance of heritage preservation. In addition to This Place Matters, Historic Augusta has been instrumental in saving many African American historic structures through the Endangered Properties list. Some of the properties listed on the Endangered Properties list but have since been saved are the C.T. Walker House, the Pearson House and the Bohler House.

Past honorees of the Historian Awards Program include the Honorable Edward M. McIntyre, Dr. LeeAnn Caldwell, Dr. James Carter, III, Reverend Nathaniel Irvin, Dr. Bobby Donaldson, Dr. Mallory Millender, Dr. Maryemma Graham, Mrs. Rosa T. Beard and Mrs. Ruth Crawford to name a few.