The HBCU Experience, Past, Present and Future

The HBCU Experience, Past, Present and Future

In Augusta and September the Lucy Craft Laney Museum of Black History will showcased “The HBCU Experience, Past, Present and Future.” The exhibit examined the role that the historically black college and university have played in shaping many of the iconic figures of Augusta. One need look no further than the namesake of the museum, Lucy Craft Laney, who graduated in 1873 in the first class of the Normal School of Atlanta University. In addition to the physical exhibit at the Museum, there were be several virtual and interactive components.

The Historically Black College and University, or HBCU, has been one of the foundational institutions in the African American community since the antebellum period.  Post-Civil War America saw the creation of dozens of HBCU’s, from Atlanta University in Atlanta, Georgia, to Benedict College in Columbia, South Carolina.  All HBCU’s are not the same.  Some are large, like Southern University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and others have a more intimate campus setting, like Paine College in Augusta, Georgia.  But no matter the size or geographic location of the school there is one thing that is for certain, the HBCU experience is a collegiate experience unlike any other.

HBCU Past, Present and Future Virtual Panel Discussion

A virtual panel discussion was hosted by Augusta’s own and Fisk University graduate Dee Griffin, news anchor from Channel 6. The panelists will included representatives from various historically black colleges and universities.

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Bank of America Partners with the Laney Museum for The HBCU Experience Exhibit

The Lucy Craft Laney Museum of Black History was pleased to announce that Bank of America partnered with the Museum for the showcase “The HBCU Experience, Past, Present and Future.”  This partnership enabled the museum to provide free admission!

“At Bank of America, we are continuing to identify new ways to meet the needs of our neighbors and help create lasting change,” said Ora Parish, Augusta market president for Bank of America. “Partnering with Lucy Craft Laney Museum of Black History is one of the ways we are helping to enrich our Augusta community in the area of culture and education.”